(CEO & Founder - UMANA)

Self made entrepreneur, humanitarian and fearless venture capitalist who cares about people, humanity, technology and purpose - not just profit.


Preserve wealth or create wealth? Bá believes there's a third option. Apart from wealth preservation and wealth creation, there is wealth redefinition. This is a transformative move. Bá's vision is neither to merely preserve wealth nor to pursue outsized gains - let alone incremental change - within the system. Instead Bá aims to change the wealth game; with UMANA we are redefining wealth.


 Ba is tirelessly lifting up entrepreneurial folks and empowering them to achieve the unthinkable. She is a former real-estate entrepreneur and financial advisor to ultra high-net-worth families.  She has single-handedly raised over $250M for real estate and high tech companies, in both Latin America and the United States, and as of today, Ba manages over $370M in assets.

Bá is the 1st Latina to be founder and sole GP (decision-maker) of a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Only 11% of decision-makers (partners) at VC firms are women in the U.S. Black women make up 1%, while LatinX women represent 0%.  t’s not by coincidence that Bá has been lauded for "breaking all the rules" and "rocking male-dominated Silicon Valley" by various mainstream publications.

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Diego Azevedo (Chief of Staff to Bá Minuzzi): diego@umana.family